What information is on my credit report?

Last Updated: Jun 11, 2013 04:22AM UTC

Your credit report contains the following information:

1. Identity information

- Your name

- Adress(es)

- Date of birth

- Social Security number


2. Trade Lines (another term for credit accounts)

- Type of account

- Date account was opened

- Date account was last active

- Date account was closed (if applicable)

- Credit limit or loan amount

- Account Balance

- Payment history


3. Public records and collections

- Certain court records including judgements, bankruptcies, liens, and foreclosures

- Information regarding collections and overdue debts

4. Credit inquiries

- "Soft" inquiries, which don't impact your credit score, from the last two years

- "Hard" inquiries, which can impact your credit score, from the last two years

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